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The West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement Feature Film

Press “Play” to view the WOSPFM feature film.


  1. What a wonderful documentary on the history of West Oakland! I saw a few faces I knew! My story is a little bit different, I grew up in Alameda but had strong ties to Oakland, I transferred from Alameda High to McClymonds, my life changed, best decision ever! Class of 1952!👍🏿
    Bill Russell was my graduation “March down the aisle partner”

  2. Ed Howard. Thank you so much for West Oakland Stories.All of us who were raised in Oakland during the 1950s-60s know that West Oakland was the Hub of the City. Keep up the “Great Work.

  3. Well done. It was good to see and hear from Ernest,Freddie,Ruth,Hap and Bill. During my 48 years working with Oakland Park and Recreation most of that time was spent in West Oakland.Thank you for sharing.

  4. One of the greatest stories ever told
    I am not from there but lived there for several years with family members. The best thing out of there and Merritt college on grove st. Was the Black Panther movement

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