The question was asked, why the Black OAKLAND ELDER PIONEERS is talking about shaking hands instead of all the problems we have.

Well the answer to that question is we know what the Black handshake played a huge role in the positive feeling we had for each other back in our day.

We not only create the hand shake but we also gave it a positive meaning. ‘UNITY, SELFHELP, EDUCATION AND DIGNITY.

Now we are updating it to mean ‘’ NO NEGATIVE SPEAK” with each other.

You will understand when you start practicing it and watch how this action will change the atmosphere around you to a positive one.

Sometimes the simplest things make the difference. (Black Elders wisdom speaking).

Oakland Black Elders Pioneers say now is the time for having a purpose in life like ‘’NO NEGATIVE SPEAK (NNS) with each other to bring meaning and purpose collectively into our lives to be more positive with each other.

HISTORY: The Black Handshake in America was created by the Afro American Association of Oakland CA around about 1960-61. Now the Oakland Black Elders are using it to promote ‘’NO NEGATIVE SPEAK’’ (NNS) with each other in Oakland and the world.

The Elders are asking you to say “NO NEGATIVE SPEAK” to yourself two times a day for a week because you must make yourself aware first of negativity. Saying “NNS” makes everyone aware of negativity and wakes you up in a positive way if you just say the words. Positive people make other people positive. 

This simple gesture is already changing the playing field from Negative to Positive in Oakland.

NOTE: If anyone outside of Oakland wants to start a No Negative Speak (NNS) club, social event, reunion, etc., contact us at [email protected]. We Elders would love to see who can make their town or city go NNS certified by the West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement. Contact us. Let us compete in a positive way.

IMPORTANT: It is mandatory that you watch our film, West Oakland Stories of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, in order for you to see visually what No Negative Speak is doing in Oakland TODAY.