Mailbag: What Is The Vision For Getting WOSPFM Involved In The Community?

Ever since our organization’s founder, Ed Howard, first started West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement, we’ve gotten questions about what exactly we expected to accomplish as a nonprofit organization. Well, we have a lot we want to do, and we’re excited to share our vision with you:

Our vision for WOSPFM’s involvement in the community is to create a community presence that helps our friends and families be purposeful about seeing the positivity in themselves and their community members.  

We elders understand what it means to be bombarded with different sorts of negativity aimed at us and people who look like us. We’re also aware of how easy it is to give in to those impressions and lose sight of how valuable we are as individuals and as a collective group.

We elders of WOSPFM want to challenge our community members to reject the negative thoughts and impressions of ourselves and our communities that we have been fed for most of our lives.

We must cleanse ourselves of that negativity and create a new normal for ourselves and for future generations by actively practicing ways to send and receive positivity.

We’re excited about showing people how to make positivity a practice that includes positive thoughts, positive speak, and positive actions.