Mailbag: Who Runs WOSPFM? Who Is Invited to Contribute, and How Can We Get Involved to Help Out?

WOSPFM is run by community members just like you. We’re a group made up of elders, professionals, and students who are all brought together by the mission of spreading positivity throughout the community.

Going further, we believe that by sharing the stories from our elders and highlighting the positive elements of those stories, we can show how our elders’ past experiences continue to live on in the present.

There’s a lot of ways to go about achieving our mission. Right now we’re looking for contributors of all kinds. We’re a small team, so writers are invited to help us create blog posts about our communities, psychologists and physicians to share wellness tips and ideas, and all other elders who are willing to share stories from their past for other people to listen to and learn from.

If you would like to help but you don’t fit any of the previous descriptions, we could also use help managing our social media accounts, applying for grants, and many, many other tasks.

Our invitation to contribute extends to everyone who is willing to learn and is able to volunteer on a consistent basis. You can inquire further by emailing us at [email protected].