“NO NEGATIVE SPEAK” (NNS) with each other brings about a long happy positive life and keeps you looking like this (See our picture) Ed and Faye Howard. We are just two of the Oakland Black Pioneer Elders testifying to using NNS with each other for 63 years.

We met at Oakland Merritt City College when it was on Grove Street now Martin Luther King Blvd. – the same college that Bobby Seal and Huey Newton met each other and started the Black Panther Party and also Dr. Melvin Newton, Huey’s older brother, was at Merritt College with the Mrs. and me. We all knew each other because it was only a handful of Black people going to Merritt City College at that time. We were there a few years before Bobby and Huey.

The Elders are asking you to say “NO NEGATIVE SPEAK” to yourself two times a day for a week because you must make yourself aware first of negativity. NNS wakes you up in a positive way if you just say the words. Saying NNS makes everyone aware of negativity. Positive people make other people positive.