We Oakland Black Elders are so pleased to spotlight another West Oakland Black Pioneer Family Story the Pointer Sisters and their book “FAIRYTALE” written by Anita and Fritz Pointer. Another West Oakland positive story. Read this book and you will feel the West Oakland Black attitude and positive culture.

Reading this book, you will become familiar with the trailblazing, honest, positive and open way Anita Pointer has expressed herself. You will truly experience the ups and downs, successes and always a positive determination to be themselves. (The Black Oakland Attitude)

My personal notes regarding the family:

I remember Fritz and Aaron his older brother from the time they were young boys at Defremery (Bobby Hutton) Park and their first cousin Paul Silas who played Basketball for McClymonds high school, the NBA and he also coached in the NBA; their families lived across the street from the park. I remember in 1960 I worked out of the Pointers home as a census taker and Rev. Pointer was the West Oakland District Captain. I remember the incident that Fritz had with the Black Panther Party because I bumped into him the same day it happened and he told me about it.

Also, I appreciate that Fritz acknowledged Ernest Howard (R. I. P.) my older brother in the book as one of his mentors.

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