Circa 1969, Social Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) of Berkeley, was a premier consulting company, focusing on education and minority owned business growth.  After struggling to find a place in government jobs, the opportunity to work at this black-owned, progressive company was a sweet relief.  There I found two brothers, Ernest G. and Ed Howard, running the helm.  They were supported by a multi-cultural staff of professionals with educational degrees in a plethora of fields, like I had never seen or even imagined.  In fact, I had never heard of a “doctor”, who was not a medical doctor.  Being in that situation challenged me – with my Oakland Technical High School diploma — to learn more and do more with my life.

Ed Howard and his brother demanded the best!  If you worked for SDI, your life and lifestyle had to meet and always maintain a level of dignity and a sense of proper decorum.  Even after SDI closed, I stayed connected, following brother Ernest to BART where I worked as his secretary for 13 years. Why had I become so enamorate with this family?  Because they provided a role model for me that I had never experienced – they were compassionate and committed and always demonstrated a love for the community – particularly the West Oakland community.

I am writing this to let you know that I am a by-product of our beloved West Oakland.  No I never lived in West Oakland, but the Howards lit my path to success.  SDI was a long time ago, but between that first day as a clerk-typist at SDI until now – as a retired adjunct college instructor and City Clerk of the City of Newark, California the road has been bright.  I can’t turn my back on the brothers and their community that poured so much into my life.  Please join me in supporting Ed and WOS regularly.  Will you pledge with me to give money to this great cause at least four times a year?  Regular contributions will help to keep this movement alive and thriving. The amount is up to you.  I encourage you to send your donation today.

We have a great opportunity to make a difference in the future of our people.  There are hundreds of thousands who can benefit from our working together to help them to become by-products of the great West Oakland community.

Expect the best,

Frances Miller Rogers

Ed Howard

Chief Executive Director

West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement, Org.