We are spotlighting Mary Ann Tidwell Broussard because she is one of our followers testifying to the power of “No Negative Speak” with each other.  We Elders know she is getting in touch with her COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS (CC).  You can’t help yourself from being positive when you get a dose of some CC.  




I will continue to share my ideas and stay in touch from time to time. I’m elated that you’re interested in my input; I don’t mind sharing at all.

You, Ed Howard is the founder, CEO, director, creator and the teacher of WOSPFM; only you can decide when to go forward.

It’s somewhat scary to share ideas and not knowing if you are going to hear from the 
Individual/s again. Particularly if it occurred before!

Sometimes, or I should say “most of the time we have the inclination to be aware of who we can trust.” I will read your story as I’m not that familiar with your projects other than the comments you’ve shared on Facebook.

The first time I shared information with you I was so afraid to read your response! You’re a fighter for the good of “NNS” as it shows in your replays to me. Speaking Positive comments made me feel better and encouraged me to engage in projects that I once enjoyed before my daughter transitioned.

“For all I know you may not use any of the ideas;” and “the suggestions could have been the worst thing you’ve ever read!” Maybe, just maybe making no sense at all or anything close to being grammatically intelligible.

Albeit your positive thoughts in living “No Negative Speak” gave me another meaning instead of dread or worse, “no responses at all!”

I apologize for my lengthy responses, however, you let me know that “I still got it,” and it makes me feel proud. We all know our worth but it doesn’t matter if “we” are the only ones who are aware.

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We ready to move out across the country, so SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Ed Howard,

Chief Executive Director

West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement Org.

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