The point of this post is to let the world know that Black Oakland Elders of West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement (WOSPFM) have been guiding you into your Positive Cosmic Consciousness when you say the words “No Negative Speak” (NNS) with each other.  Continue using the words and you will see the positive manifestation of a people that the Slave System made negative.

What is Cosmic Consciousness?

We want you to understand Cosmic Consciousness (CC) to be a state of mind where you actively filter your thoughts through positive emotional currents (NNS) before you engage with other people. This is a technique to provide a greater context for who you are.   

How Do I Practice Cosmic Consciousness?

Instead of giving a person or situation the power to make you react from a place of uncertainty, fear, anger, we want you to use your Cosmic Consciousness.  NNS and CC are interchangeable.  Don’t try to explain NNS, using the words are simply the path way to your CC.

1.      You carry a lifetime of positivity in you – you are just not aware of it.

2.      Remember the big picture – we’re all tasked with being better versions of ourselves over time. Be patient with yourself and others.  Don’t get THIS twisted, always watch your surrounding!

We Elders see this principle manifesting in many ways as I have demonstrated IN THE LINKS  below:

#KwameBrown #basketball #player

is a living example of the manifestation of his Cosmic Consciousness being displayed showing you how a Black man is representing himself in a positive way.  In other words when you get in touch with your positive self you will see the positive results. No limit to your possibilities.

The Oakland Black Elders have been leading you for some time along the path of being positive with each other. A few examples from our community can be seen in Black Oakland’s positive response to BBQ BECKY…/BBQ-Becky-Anniversary…,

The Black Panther Movie (link),

The West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement Spotlight Posts;     

The West Oakland Stories Film:

Many of you have already practiced Cosmic Consciousness (NNS”) and you don’t even know it. If reading this post reminds you of any times you have practiced Cosmic Consciousness, please share your experiences in the comments below.

Ed Howard,

Chief Executive Director

West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement